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Because each site is different, Axiome Protech offers a wide range of video surveillance equipment. Brightness, weather conditions, operating needs, architectural constraints are all elements to take into account when choosing a camera.

Axiome Protech puts its expertise at your disposal to advise you and offer you products adapted to your needs and which will constitute your video surveillance system.


IP cameras or network cameras use the Internet protocol to transmit images or control signals over an Internet connection. They can be linked to a video recorder to form a video surveillance system.
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Analog cameras capture the images and transfer them directly in a continuous stream of data to a time-limited storage device. They can be connected to a recorder by coaxial cable to form a video surveillance system.
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With 4K technology developing rapidly and becoming a central concern, the opportunities to use it in the field of security will continue to multiply. The 4K system, which is equipped with various intelligent functions, meets the ultra-high definition and intelligent surveillance needs of the security industry.
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With their advanced intelligent features, the new Darkfighter cameras deliver razor-sharp images, even in low light conditions, day or night. By combining exceptional performance, a wide range of functions, convenience and ease of use, these sophisticated cameras take video surveillance to a radically new level; an ideal security choice for sensitive sites such as warehouses, points of sale or even airports.
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With the new panoramic cameras you can monitor areas both indoors and outdoors, without compromise or blind spots. The ideal choice for professional surveillance especially in airports, shopping centers, parking garages, open-plan offices, restaurants and public places.
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Thermal cameras have many features. They can monitor temperatures of specified objects, protect a perimeter by latching a target and triggering an alarm, including when total darkness is in, detecting temperature anomalies of a fire start before smoke is detected by a conventional fire detector as well as detecting temperature differences early in order to avoid damage due to overheating.
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All our cameras in the anti-corrosion range are manufactured according to international standards. For indoor and outdoor use, our cameras have protection against dust caused by wind, rain, splashing water, jets of water and corrosion. They also have additional protection against damage caused by ice formation. The stainless steel exterior coating of our cameras helps fight atmospheric corrosion.
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