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To allow you to utilize in the best way our supervisor, we’ve set up different training module(level 1, level2) which allows you to explore in details our products functionalities. Our trainers team give you all the key you need to supervize your site in the best conditions. A schedule is established and approach the following points : 

  • Definition and general presentation
  • Training to the utilisation of the software (supervisor, modules and applications)
  • Presentation of the automaton (components and functionnalities) 
  • Manipulation of the automaton (disassambly, assembly)
  • Know the difference between “TOR” point and “protocol” point
  • Presentation of commissioning and testing procedures
  • Situation
  • Delivery of user manual documentation
  • Questions/ answers an delivery of a training certificate



Detailed program

  • Presentation of ORION, IHM definition, general explanations of how it works
  • Presentation of the ORION functionnalities
  • General presentation of S.T.R.A.C., its acquisition methods, its interactions with ORION
  • Presentation of the modes of dialogue and exchanges, TOR and protocols (illustrations for example)

Presentation of the automaton Axi-SAT

  • Know the elements that make up Axi-SAT and their functions (manipulation),
  • Understand the junction logic between the Axi-SAT and the outdoor equipment,
  • Know the exchanges and acquiring logic of the information by protocol,
  • Disassembly / assembly
  • The automaton in its 16×16 version,
  • The working modalities between 2 Axi-SAT,
  • Presentation of the different automaton type used (ICP, Moxa, LinColn, LinPac, …)

Analysis and diagnosis of various possible failures

  • Example of breakdown and analysis methodology,
  • Terminal block tests,
  • « TOR » point test procedures
  • « protocol » point test procedures,
  • Restarting the automaton


  • Presentation of the Axiome Concept ASS
  • Delivering of a training book


Thanks to our teams, we’ve established supervision software demonstration, of safety and security products allowing us to show you each functionnalities and their interest.