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Equipping you, our job

Axiome Protech provides safety and security products. This is how the group is showing its willingness to strengthen its offer by presenting products that fit into its monitoring tool.

Axiome Protech puts its expertise at your disposal to advise you and purpose you products adapted to your needs and your exploitation.

The video, access control, intercom, retractable bollards, sound system are all elements that we purpose to install and integrate in a global solution aimed at improving the exploitation conditions of your site.

Some products range

Guidance to the place / spot control

  • Vehicle identification by its number plate
  • Video surveillance of each location
  • All in one captor with LAPI integrated
  • Multiple seat detection
    See the product page


Number plate reading

  • Unity all in one
  • Smart adaptation to the light
  • Multi-country recognition
  • Color plate recognition
    See the product page

Retractable security bollards / fence

  • Hydrolic central with cylinder integrated into the bollard
  • Crown with LED strip as standard
  • Stops a 1.5 tonne vehicle launched at 50 km/h
  • Steel or inox bollards
  • Lifting fence
  • Space delimitation and access control
    See the product page

Video surveillance

  • IP range
  • Analogic range
  • Panoramic camera, thermic, 4K, anti corrosion
  • Darkfighter
    See the product page

Access control

  • Determine who have access to your building and when
  • Simple and centralized management of access rights
    See the product page

VE electric vehicle charging station

  • Utilization statistics
  • Control of the energetic cost
  • Controlled service tariff system
  • Disponibility and characteristic of the seat
  • From 3 to 22 kW
    See the product page
Sound system

  • Public address – voice alarm
  • Audio over IP
  • Amplifiers
  • Smart acoustic solutions
  • Loudspeakers