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Axiome Concept participates in the modernization of healthcare establishments by offering the possibility of managing all the equipment of a site in a secure and centralized manner. Health establishments, places of rest and care, are increasingly subject to technology. Axiome Concept has developed tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of the healthcare sector.


Healthcare Facility Solution

Healthcare facilities are often equipped with different medical devices, making it difficult to use them. With a view to assistance and harmonization, the Axiome Concept supervisor allows all equipment to be managed uniformly on a single interface.

With extensive experience in supervision and centralization, Axiome Concept supports you in implementing these different solutions within your healthcare establishments.

We have developed our own software solutions to best meet the needs of healthcare establishments. Our software solutions, which once installed on the establishment’s servers, will allow communication between the various equipment present on the site by centralizing their information and making it possible to alert health personnel when necessary.

Multi-system and multi-brand management

Our supervisor interacts with all the systems on the site, whatever their brand, reference or generation, then integrates them into a single graphical interface to standardize and simplify their use. Regardless of the type of equipment, the reception of alarms and the placing of commands are carried out in the same way for the operator, which makes it easier for the supervisor to handle.

Respirator Management

Our system makes it possible to centralize and supervise alarms originating from the ventilators used in the intensive care unit. Our supervisor assigns ventilators to medical staff through our web interface. The nursing staff receive the alarms directly on their mobile on duty. An escalation system is also provided in the event of non-response from staff, the alarm is then sent to the manager as well as to a centralized station.

The proposed system also makes it possible to prioritize alarms in order to treat the most urgent cases as a priority. The purpose of this system is to avoid incidents related to alarm malfunctions of medical devices. The proper management of alarms in the context of patient monitoring is the responsibility of healthcare professionals.

Axiome Concept intervenes to facilitate and optimize the management of these alarms and thus help and support you in the best possible care of your patients.

Video, intercom and access management

Our monitoring solutions combine these two elements in order to have an overview of the situation and better manage events.
For example, during a sector input call, the supervisor automatically opens the associated video. The staff is therefore able to communicate with the person, to see him, and to send a command to the equipment (access door), all from the same graphical interface.

LPR System for Priority Vehicles

In order to streamline and facilitate access to priority vehicles (ambulances, firefighters), Axiome Concept supervision interfaces with numerous plate reading systems.
Once the priority vehicle is referenced in the system, it has easy access to a defined area.
If the license plate is incorrectly read, the operator can directly modify the plate information from the Axiome Concept interface.
The operator can also perform a license plate search or retrieve a video image of the vehicle.

Secure sensitive areas

Thanks to our video surveillance system, the supervisor allow to have a control of the sensitive areas and thus raise alarms according to pre-defined scenario.

Our system also allows technical alarm to be raised (equipment malfunction, temperature sensor, etc, …).


Intelligente Lighting Management

Thanks to detection by sensor or through video analysis, it is possible to intelligently control the lighting from the Axiome Concept supervisor. Beyond this control, it is possible to turn on, turn off or define the brightness threshold in certain areas depending on the presence or absence of people.