Monitoring and centralization of parking

Axiome Concept® participe à la modernisation des parcs de stationnement en offrant la possibilité de gérer l’ensemble des équipements d’un site de façon sécurisée et centralisée. Les parcs de stationnement, jadis sombres et peu sûrs, offrent désormais de manière plus régulière un visage accueillant, lumineux, coloré et surtout plus sécurisé. Choisir une place de stationnement et se garer devient plus facile pour les clients. Gérer le stationnement et proposer des places disponibles dans un parking souterrain ou sur la voie publique en stationnement payant devient plus facile à gérer pour les municipalités ou les entreprises privées.

Solution propriétaire de gestion de parking

Les parcs de stationnement sont très souvent équipés de nombreux matériels hétérogènes de générations différentes, rendant difficile l’exploitation au quotidien. C’est donc dans une optique de simplification du travail d’exploitation et de diminution des coûts de fonctionnement qu’Axiome Concept® a développé sa solution de gestion technique centralisée dédiée aux sites de stationnement Indigo, Vinci Park, Q Park ou Urbis Park.

With considerable experience in the parking sector, both on the French market and internationally (more than one thousand sites centralized), Axiome Concept® will assist you in setting up centralization and hypervisor solutions.

We have developed our own hardware and software solutions so that we can best meet the needs of parking lot operators. Axi-SAT® is a controller which, once installed at a site, will communicate with the equipment there either by contact or by protocol, enabling local or remote management of all the connected devices. With Axi-SAT® and its supervisor, you'll be able to centralize your information and manage your facilities from a single station.

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Multi-system management

Our solutions make it possible, among other things, to centralize and manage tollgates, video surveillance, intercoms, access control, lighting, fire detection, technical alarms, and dynamic parking guidance and space occupancy systems.

By interfacing with most devices available on the market, Axiome Concept® provides a solution that enables the operator to centralize all of its equipment on a single interface that is fast, intuitive, and reliable.

Toll/video/intercom management

Our supervisor solutions combine these three elements in order to get an overview of the situation and better manage events.
For example, during a call at an entry or exit point, the supervisor automatically opens the corresponding video and shows the status of that toll system in real time. The operator can therefore see and communicate with the person, see the equipment's status in real time, and send it a command, all without taking any action and all from the same graphical user interface.

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Intégration de système LPR parking

The Axiome Concept® supervisor interfaces with many license plate reader systems in order to centralize information and thereby facilitate access to the system.
Once the system has been integrated into the supervisor, if a plate is read incorrectly, the operator can directly edit the plate information from the Axiome Concept® interface.
The operator can also run a license plate search or retrieve a video image of the vehicle.

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Subscriber management – Axi-GAP®

Axi-GAP® is a financial, commercial and billing solution for your parking. This module makes it easy to manage your customer subscriptions and thus optimizes administrative tasks. By listing all your customer contracts, Axi-GAP offers you a complete and instant view of your business. Axi-GAP allows the automatic generation of recurring invoices.

Functionalities of Axi-GAP® :

  • a centralized and multi-site customer database
  • a multi-criteria query with data export
  • management and digital archiving of documents
  • management of bank details for withdrawals / transfers
  • a location and zoning for preferential tariffs
  • management of subscriptions and associated parking fees
  • management of invoices, deadlines and regulations
  • automatic or manual invoicing
  • management of maps and means of access
  • a dematerialization of the macaron / ticket
  • a real-time link via web service or files with third-party systems
  • reports and statistics
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    Gestion intelligente de l'éclairage des parkings

    Combined with vehicle or human detection with a sensor or through video analysis, we can control a site's lighting from the Axiome Concept® supervisor in smart ways. Besides traditional lighting control, we can turn lights on or off or set their brightness in certain areas based on whether or not users are present.

    solution parking

    Video system management

    The supervisor collects all of a site's videos, whether from security cameras, plate recognition, intercoms, or parking space occupancy.
    Thus, we can offer the operator the option of visual confirmation by associating each alarm or command with the closest or most relevant video.
    Axiome Concept® also incorporates video analysis solutions that can detect and count vehicles and people, and even perform facial recognition.

    Integrating space occupancy and dynamic guidance

    La supervision Axiome Concept s’interface avec le système de guidage à la place basé sur la technologie de lecture de plaque d’immatriculation.
    Avec cette intégration, nous offrons la possibilité d’accéder depuis l’IHM aux statistiques d’occupation du parking.
    La recherche d’une plaque d’immatriculation se fait directement depuis l’interface, ainsi l’opérateur est en mesure de localiser dans un plan interactif avec précision l’emplacement d’un véhicule et transmettre l’information à l’automobiliste. La surveillance de chaque emplacement se fait également au travers de notre outil de supervision.

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    guillement-d A complete, customizable solution guillement-d

    To supplement our solution, we've also developed customized, dedicated traceability, analysis, and statistics modules to enable you to refine your analysis and optimize operations.

    Procédures GTC parking

    Axi-PMS® is a procedure and instruction management module. It used to uniformly manage a set of procedures with a template that can be applied to any type of situation, no matter how many sites are included. Axi-PMS® is based on the latest web technologies. It's an open, easy-to-deploy tool that includes a multilingual interface. Your procedures are automated, and may appear on the supervisor's screen automatically when an alarm appears or a command is triggered.
    To learn more about the product, click here.

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    Mobile applications


    Axi-Mobile® is a version of Axi-View® and Axi-Orion® supervisors available for Android devices. This app lets you view alarms at one or more sites in real time, control their equipment, and view camera feeds.
    With Axi-Mobile®, you can take control of equipment like tollgates, lights, and doors, all from a tablet or smartphone.
    With our app and a basic mobile network connection, you'll always be connected to your site, no matter where you are.
    To learn more about the product, click here.

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    Axi-Watch®is a mobile app for identifying and geolocating an on-site incident or event.
    This app allows a person who monitors a site by making rounds to report an incident or other event in real time, using his or her Android smartphone.
    Axi-Watch® makes it possible to attach a photo and geotag it, then enter a comment before sending it via a web server.
    This information is sent in real time to the supervising PC, which processes it and sends it to the relevant department for action. If need be, the event can be placed in a queue or archived.
    To learn more about the product, click here.

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    Remote management centre

    Axiome Connect® is at your disposal to help you design your custom remote management to meet your needs. Our control centre offers you immediate assistance 24/7, an active back-up, and powerful tech support.
    Our team of remote operators trained in customer relations answers your clients' requests in real time, efficiently and immediately, to give them full satisfaction.
    Our Control Centre team remotely manages all of your site's management and security equipment. This allows you to optimize the operation of your equipment and improve the operation of your facilities.
    To learn more about our remote management solutions, click here.

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