The Portrait of the month: Jovani Quintos

The Portrait of the month: Jovani Quintos

What is your professional background before your arrival at Axiome Concept ?
Having almost 20years of work experience, I have experienced working in a small, medium and large enterprise company. The first 10 years of my job is related in telecom industry where I’m doing the management/coordination the installation of mobile telecom towers, laying/integrating fiber optic (including commissioning) on major areas in Philippines. I’m managing the installation and commissioning of MCS, HLR, LTE, Wi-Max, CDMA, Datacenter of BIG telecom players in my country. When I moved to Qatar last 2009, I joined a small company which is just recently started and I’m one of the pioneer. Working in Qatar as a Project Manager is not that easy because the market is different from where I started.

What is your arrival date at Axiome Concept ?
I started to work in Axiome Concept last March 1, 2018, the day after my last day of work with my previous company.

Could you explain in a few words, what is your role in Axiome Concept ?
My role is Axiome Concept is basically covers a wide responsibility since I’m the only person staying in Qatar. One of the main obligation is to establish, develop and maintain the strong relationship with all the service providers especially with the clients.

Do you have some key moments or anecdote ?
Working with different nationality especially in different language (not English) is a challenge. I don’t speak French but one thing I am proud of is I do understand some of the conversation by getting the thoughts of the discussion. I think this is something I need to improve to response/speak in French and to join their discussion.

Could you tell us more about yourself (hobbies, activities, etc) ?
I love playing volleyball, table tennis and sitting with my computer doing research about technology. And by the way, I love to sleep, and I can fall to sleep in 5minutes or less…

A word to finish ?
It is a privilege to be part of Axiome Concept, and I will try to contribute my best in all aspects for the success of the company. Axiome Concept is my new family and I will take good care of it.

Axiome Connect - Étend son activité aux multi-services

Axiome Connect - Étend son activité aux multi-services

Axiome Connect - Lancement de la plateforme SAV

Le Portrait du mois: Didier Brian

Le Portrait du mois: Didier Brian

What is your profesionnal experience before arriving at Axiome Concept ?
I worked five years in a company in Aix-en-Provence that made software in the aeronautics, aerospace and nuclear, in particular the supervision and control of orders.
Then, I worked three years in Fréjus in a software company specialized on supervision of heavy truck activities. 
In my own operations, I followed some audio and 3D projects. 
Finally, I worked six years on Axi-View project at Axiome Concept. I also developed the new mobile apps Axi-Watch and Axi-Mobile.

Date of arrival at Axiome Concept?
I arrived at Axiome Concept on Septembre 6, 2010.

Could you explain in a few lines what is your job and the missions at Axiome Concept ?
I am a software programmer. I create new features, maintain and I fix bugs in Axi-Orion, Axi-View and the mobile apps Axi-Watch and Axi-Mobile. I also participate in the development of news products like License Plate Recognition or Guidance System. 
I also help the technicians when they gave a problem of configuration or operation.   

Some good memories or an anecdote ?
I think the good memory of my development was when I created the 3D view in Axi-View.
Since, I began to program on supervisory systems, in Aix-en-Provence, I was interested in 3D program and I dreamed of the day when it would be part of a supervisor system. 
With Axiome Concept, this dream has become reality…

Can you tell us more about yourself (passions, activities) ?
I am passionate about 3D development. I spent whole nights training myself on DirectX and OpenGL. 
Even today, I am still interested and I look as much as I can the development under Unreal Engine, Unity, Nvidia Flex or Virtual Reality. 

A word to finish ?
Despite the difficulties I encountered during my first year at Axiome Concept, the team was always here. So thank you… 

September 2017

Provideal "Vous équiper, notre métier"

Provideal "Vous équiper, notre métier"

Provideal est une entreprise naissante qui a pour ambition de satisfaire ses clients en proposant une gamme de matériel destinée à optimiser leurs exploitations.

Nous proposons des produits de sûreté, de sécurité, d’économie d’énergie et de contrôle d’accès qui s’intègrent parfaitement à votre environnement. Vos équipements installés, centralisés et maitrisés permettent à nos solutions de vous offrir un confort d’utilisation et une meilleure gestion de vos sites.

Distribution :
Notre équipe  est à l’écoute de vos besoins pour trouver et vous proposer les produits qui sauront s’intégrer à votre environnement.

Installation :
Nous installons notre matériel sur vos sites sans en perturber le bon fonctionnement.

Maintenance :
La maîtrise de l’ensemble de nos références couplée à notre disponibilité nous permet une meilleure efficacité lors de nos interventions.






Le « mot » du Directeur – Anthony Fremaux :

"Je vais profiter de cet espace pour remercier l'ensemble des collaborateurs du groupe Axiome Concept qui m'ont offert un accueil chaleureux et m'ont permis de rentrer pleinement dans mon nouveau poste.

En acceptant le challenge qui m'a été proposé, je passe d’un rôle de client à celui de fournisseur. Provideal est donc pour moi une nouvelle aventure humaine, qui me permettra de mettre mes connaissances du terrain au profit de nos clients.
L'innovation et l'écoute nous permettront, je l'espère , de nous démarquer et de renforcer encore l'image de notre groupe.
Notre premier partenariat en est d'ailleurs une excellente preuve puisque nous sommes désormais distributeur de la solution BIRDWATCH développée par Quercus, que vous pourrez bientôt découvrir sur notre site internet." 



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