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caméra surveillance

Centralisation (Axi View, Axi Orion)

Axiome Concept provide a "software" allowing the creation of a centralized management to meet needs of managers and operators of infrastructure. This solution is devoted to technical activities of monitoring and control. This solution, local or remote, fits any volume and nature of information to be processed.

Axiome Concept solutions offer the ability to control one or more remote sites in real time, whatever the distance. This feature gives the user more flexibility in the use of our software and provides a better management.

Concerns Causes Impact Feeling Solutions Benefits
Remote monitoring sites, system able to manage a large number of site Disparity of equipment on sites, communication support restricted high costs of replacement for existing systems, difficulty to make remote monitoring Unsafe Monitored sites, lack of flexibility and speed when interventions Platform for centralized management and communication modules are established to the compatibility of existing equipment. Optimization of site security, optimization and simplification of intervention operations, better traceability of operations, numerous remote site whatever their location

Solutions of latest generation

Axiome Concept by a permanent watch, integrates and customizes the latest innovations of the market to be constantly at the top of technology and meet the best needs of its customers.

caméra surveillance

Simple and quick information processing

Our solutions combine the information to make the treatment simple, fast and intuitive.

Site Security

Axiome Concept solutions allow the user to monitor and control a site in real time and apply a set of procedures (Axi PMS) integrated and appropriate to the activity.

Improving resources and working conditions

Valorization of positions by improving tools and tasks redistribution.

Maintenance optimization

Interactive integrated solution for monitoring and supervising the planning of maintenance operations.

Concerns Causes Impact Feeling Solutions Benefits
Maintenance optimization Many heterogeneous systems to maintain at the same time, the disparity of information, not related or little to do with the CMMS and existing equipment Higher maintenance costs or equipment damaged due to a lack of maintenance Feel to pay for unappropriate preventive maintenance, or pay more due to a lack of control Implementation of Axi-Sat and Axi-Sam to link the existing equipment and CMMS tools Optimization of preventive maintenance, increase the life of equipment, cost optimization