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AXI ORION-3D Supervisor

Orion 3d


3D Orion is a software developed to provide a simple and consistent interface to exploit the potential of all types of devices and thus get rid of a specific site or manufacturer. While the user is accustoming with an intuitive ergonomics, 3D Orion plays an oversight role in keeping track of all actions and ensuring that the user has permission to make certain operations.

3D Orion communicates with our real time automaton STRAC through an IP network using low flow. It does not matter that our controller is on the other side of Earth or just behind the door, thanks to the Internet, all configurations spread across the world are now possible.

A new "Machine to men" Interface

We know that learning to use a software is an expensive operation. That is why 3D Orion benefits from our experience in terms of simplicity and accessibility. Using graphics everywhere it is possible and bringing in three languages (English, French and Spanish) our interface, the opening of our software is total.

"Orion 3D" shows the operated site as a plan in 3 dimensions across which are positioned controlled devices. When possible, Orion 3D can also display one or more video cameras coming from the site or from a recorder. In this case, the devices can also be controlled by thanks to your mouse directly in the video window.

In order to adapt Orion 3D to all configurations, particular care has been brought to the realization of our configuration tool.

This tool is built on the same basis as Orion 3D to visualize the final appearance of the software during the configuration phase.

robust construction

3D Orion was designed using modern and modular technics of development by which problems are easier to isolate and features are refillable as possible. Therefore, 3D Orion is mobile : in addition to Windows, it works the same on Linux.

In operation, Orion 3D works 24/24 and 7 days. In this context, software reliability is crucial. That is why we developed it in order to be reliant and we validate all hardware and software through extensive testing in real conditions.

Orion 3d

Hypervision AXI-VIEW


Axi-View is a multimedia "Human-Machine" Interface next-generation, proposing to use a dynamic real time 3D engine. this interface is used for applications such as Hypervision, Supervision or BMS.

Axi-View solves the recurring problem of the size of a plan or a geographical area, the areas shown are calculated dynamically. It allows rapid analysis and management of the operating parameters of a site with a user-friendly navigation in graphical views.

View Axi creates images from three-dimensional coordinates and can be positioned on a plane as you want. To provide more ease of use, predefined views are stored in the system configuration, making it fast and smooth opening a selected workspace .


Axi-View offers a flexible configuration as it integrates multiple intelligent 3D objects. Management of video and intercom is integrated in the graphical interface. It comes in two versions, Axi-View local and central

  Axi-View Local Axi-View Central
Interface graphique 3D temps réel coché coché
Dynamic management of 3D view coché coché
Dynamic management of 3D object coché coché
Dynamic management of video coché coché
Intercom management coché coché
Combination voice / video coché coché
Event log multi-linguages coché coché
Multiple languages user interface coché coché
Multiple screen management coché coché
Multiple users management coché coché
Multiple site management décoché coché
Remote station management décoché coché
Centralized management of event logs décoché coché