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Axi-PMS is an operating system assistance for operational management of procedures and instructions. It allows a uniform management of procedures from a model applied to any operator, whatever the number of sites to manage.

Operating events are tracked through parameterized and defined procedures according to the requirement of a given reference (sites, services, etc ...). Its implementation provides total control and therefore increased profitability of sites.

Axi-PMS can manage both passive or active procedures, like displaying a phone number of emergency or closing a barrier in interactive mode.

All procedures will automatically open on our supervisor.


  • Uniform management of procedures
  • Traceability of actions by site, job, user
  • dynamic display according to event processing
  • specific or temporary procedure
  • AUtomated and customizable procedure (Date and time)
  • Centralization of informations
  • Electronic handrail
  • Instructions and procedures customizable
  • Multi-languages interface
  • Mail alert, SMS
  • Information feedback of devices systems
  • Flow optimization
  • simultaneity of languages
  • Advanced search (local)

Axi-PMS Server

  • Database Microsoft SQL Server 2008: Data Storage
  • Web services: centralization of processing for several clients (web, mobile, ...)
  • Web Server: hosting the web application, download area

Backoffice and reporting

  • Acces controled by login and password
  • Instructions edditing
  • Dynamic parameter management
  • Instruction/ park settings
  • Report services

Procedure/ Instruction update

  • It is done in the background by a different process from the human-machine interface
  • It is initiated either automatically based on setting (every 2 hours, for example) or manually by the operator
  • Once an update is done on the server, the complete configuration of the park is downloaded to the workstation
  • Instructions can contain images (plan, equipment...)



Axi-Recorder is a module developed by Axiome Concept that collects information voice, video and data via a BMS system to create a single file, synchronized and searchable from a web interface

Axi-Recorder allows you to store multimedia information triggered automatically or manually during an event. It offers a calendar of events and a list of time-stamped.

On each site, voice recording equipment, video and data from the BMS system are interfaced with the Axi-Recorder server through a VPN and IP.

Each site has an FTP server that allows communication with the server Axi-Recorder. Information may have a storage period limited in time, defined by the criteria of protection under the law "informatique et liberté"