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New Video Card Axi-SAT

AXI-SAT is a micro controller created by Axiome Concept to optimize solutions of BMS / Industrial Sites Management.


This card allows you to manage 8 inputs

It allows you to manage virtually 2048 inputs and 2048 outputs, through various protocols such as Modbus TCP or RTU485, most protocols steering matrices video trade, as well as several intercom systems available on the market.

It has 3 interfaces type (2 RS232, 1 RS485), an I2C bus allowing the addition of components and features like analog I / O or memory ferromagnetic (38 years data retention without power). It is able to handle a touch screen interface to provide an ultra-simplified user access .


Its operating system based on a Linux distribution provides access to the entire catalog of embedded applications available on this operating system, such as the very popular Asterisk software (Communications Server IP). Our device also offers communication units with standard protocols (Modbus, Web service ...)

It can deal with all types of installations we met over 20 years in the field of BMS, and its ultra-modern features allows Axiome Concept to manage industrial sites.

Integrated in a specific box, it will be easy to install and implement.

The range of products will be launched as standard during fall of 2012