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the Company


Studies and achievements

  • Technical managment system
  • Research and Development
  • training
  • Supervision and automation
  • Project study
  • Maintenance
  • Security and video control
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Technical help


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Created in 2001, Axiome Concept Group designs, develops and sells IT solutions to the multimedia technology infrastructure management, mainly when relations between users and the manager are crucial. We offer our customers and partners solutionsCentralized Technical Management System and Technical Management Building Supervision

Axiome Concept is now present on Parking sector, transports (train station and airport managment), industry and Building management system (Public buildings, offices...).

The company can be divided in three main departments wich are the Technical department, the Research and Development department and the Administration.

Technical department includes all persons involved in installation and commissioning of our solutions on-site during the setup, or when there are troubleshoot problems or maintenance systems.

Development and Research department includes persons involved in creation, programming, and development of solutions proposed by Axiome Concept.

The administration includes the business department of the company, the marketing and comunication, and the financial department.

The development of new technologies in the fields of computer sciences, tele-communications and automation has enabled the growth of remote monitoring and remote management.

The field of application of Building Management System is now very broad. The BMS can indeed manage hotspots, partially or completely automate certain actions and make easier the work of operators.

The implementation of this system allows among other things an increased reliability, lower operating costs and a secure income.


Your needs, our actions

petite puceIn this constantly evolving worlds, Axiome Concept wants to position itself as an interlocutor between the different actors.


petite puceWe have been always working to offer and provide management solutions adapted to the needs of buildings and parkings operators, making available new tools to manage and organize the best way all the elements of a site.