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Our Business


Hypervision & Supervision for building technical management system.

The BMS of a site or building is to recover through a software tool (supervisor) information from smart sensors and controllers in a site. This recovery of information allows the operator to easily manage and control the local or remote installation, using a fun and intuitive tool, with a 3D interface, including increased visibility of information through animated icons.


TheBMS enables real-time management of equipment that make up the architecture of a site. The BMS main objective is to secure, master, save and manage the use of different types of installations such as lighting, heating or security features like access control, video protection, fire detection , ... etc.

To summarize, the building management allows :

  • Ongoing monitoring of equipment and installations
  • Reduced energy expenses thanks to an optimum management of the site
  • Ongoing monitoring and possibility of centralization
  • Quick remote intervention
  • Secure installation and user
  • Secure incomes
  • Improved comfort and well-being inside the building
  • Intervention procedures
  • Traceability of actions and events
  • Stats
  • Dynamic support for maintenance


Our Skills

Computing development :


Development department designs and develops computing applications. It deals with the design and writing skills of a program. It is under the hierarchical authority of a Development Manager or Project Manager.


  • computing languages
  • programming language
  • Web services and application server
  • Control methods and technical standards in software development and safety procedures
  • English skills


  • In charge of modeling new applications and currents.
  • Participation in the implementation of infrastructure and project development: website, modeling and database development , server selection.

Graphics department :

axiome infographie

The graphics department realizes visual combining texts, images and photos and making them clear and effective. It turns and edit photos and images.


  • Project management
  • Mastering the following softwares: Illustrator, Photoshop, Quark Xpress, In Design, 3DS Max, Autocad
  • Concepts of volume, space, depth and movement
  • Multimedia and computing skills
  • Feel creative and artistic, fontscontrol, colors, ...
  • Legal concepts concerning the law of literary and artistic property


  • Analyse and translate customers needs and request.
  • Creation of "3d plan" following the graphics rules and interactivity.

Business manager :

responsable d'affaire

The Business Manager is in charge of ensuring project monitoring . he has a key role in maintaining business relationships with customers.

Field presence, the Business Manager meets the expectations of customers by analyzing their request and providing solutions in collaboration with the sales and technical direction.

After sales department :

responsable d'affaire

The After sales department shall be in charge of the good functioning of the equipment. It shall be able to diagnose the failure in order to repair it. It operates both on site and in remote maintenance.


  • Technical and computing skills related to the product range
  • Aware of specific procedures of intervention and resolution of technical problems
  • Control of the operating environment


  • Maintain equipment in making the reviews, diagnostics, repairs, or adjustments.
  • Diagnosing failures in a very short time with success
  • Be able to analyse technical data and customers diagnostic.

Technical department :

responsable d'affaire

The technical department shall be in charge of installing, maintaining and ensuring the good functioning of the equipment. It shall be able to diagnose the failure in order to repair it. It operates both on site and in remote maintenance.


  • Product knowledge
  • technical skills in computing
  • Control of the operating environment


  • Participate when necessary for installation, wiring and testings
  • Solutions configuration, testings
  • Commissioning the new installations

Business & Sales department :

business plan

Le service Commercial intègre les services marketing & communication ainsi que le service export.

Marketing & Communication

  • This division is in charge of defining the marketing strategy (branding, positioning, marketing mix) and implement the operational marketing plan to promote the offers of the company
  • Promote the creation, quality and consistency of form and content of internal and external communication in adequacy with the communication strategy. It also carries some of the technical activities of communication and organize group events


Ensure efficient operations and coordination of services of various subsidiaries, whether in Europe, America and Middle East.